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Hear the Conversation 17:54 – 10.2 mb mp3 A bold, new collaboration between Michigan State University and Detroit Public Television will unite one of the world’s top research universities and a national leader in public broadcasting and community engagement. The Detroit-based partnership will greatly expand the relationship between MSU and DPTV, beginning with an initiative […]

Hear the Conversation 25:31 min – 14.6 mb mp3 “The Media Sandbox is a program of integrated media arts,” MSU Media Sandbox director David Wheeler tells Michigan State University President Lou Anna K. Simon and MSU Alumni Association Executive Director Scott Westerman. “We live in the College of Communication Arts & Sciences and span the […]

From MSU Today on Impact Radio: As the 2008 Beijing Olympics draw near, MSU professor Yong Zhao has created the world’s first comprehensive online video game that teaches Chinese culture and language. The interactive game is called Zon/New Chengo. Creator Yong Zhao, University Distinguished Professor of educational psychology and educational technology, says the game is […]

From MSU Today: Brian Winn, Brian Magerko and Carrie Heeter are on the faculty in MSU’s Department of Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media. They’re also involved in MSU’s GEL Lab and Serious Games initiative. Brian Winn fills us in on the GEL Lab and its mission. Brian Magerko updates us on MSU’s DMAT specialization in […]

From MSU Today: René Weber is an assistant professor of both communication and telecommunication, information studies and media at MSU. He and his colleagues made international news last fall when MSU released research results where René and his colleagues – using functional magnetic resonance imaging, or fMRI – showed that playing violent video games leads […]

An extraordinary tour of MSU’s Digital Media Arts and Technology lab with Dr. Janet Lillie, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education, and Dr. Brian Winn, Director of the New Media Center, and a Principal Investigator in the Communication Technology Lab. Dr. Lillie outlines the College of Communication Arts and Sciences new Gaming specialization and Dr. Winn […]

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