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Dr. Jeff Kovan on Spartan Podcast

November 30th, 2010

JKovan.jpgFrom MSU Today on Impact Radio: Dr. Jeff Kovan is director of MSU Sports Medicine.

“At MSU we offer a unique approach and blend that isn’t seen anywhere else in the county,” Kovan says. “We’re fortunate to have a combination of primary care physicians trained in sports medicine and orthopedic surgeons with a special interest in sports medicine working together to provide a more holistic approach to sports medicine to athletes at any level.

“It’s a model that everybody talks but not everybody walks, and it’s what we do at MSU.”

Kovan offers tips for staying fit in the cold Michigan winter weather, too.

“First off, dress for it. You can stretch and warm up and get loose to prepare yourself for winter exercise, but more than anything else it comes down to having the right shoes and clothing.

“Keep your head covered and dress in layers with the kind of clothing that doesn ‘t absorb or hold on to the sweat so that you don’t get sick or develop frost bite.”

Dr. Kovan advises us not to let winter stop us.

“We chose Michigan because we love living here. The winter will be here for awhile so you better learn to enjoy it.”

Hosted by Russ White.

Hear the Conversation 10:10 – 5.8 mb mp3

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