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rich_sloan.jpgWhat are the factors that create an environment for entrepreneurship? Where are the creative people gravitating these days? Are habits of entrepreneurship teachable? We find out from Rich Sloan, one half of the brother team that founded Startup Nation, an organization that provides expert advice on all aspects of starting a business. Fast Company magazine named the Sloan brothers’ brand one of the top 10 and their book, website, radio program and podcast are treasure troves of information for the person who wants to turn their passion into a career.

Rich talks about his varied adventures from raising Arabian horses to the invention of the Battery Buddy. He articulates the winning combination of traits and resources that are part of the successful entrepreneur’s inner circle. He answers the question, “can passion be taught,” talks about how companys like Jet Blue are turning customer service representatives into entrepreneurs, and how “life plan” trumps “business plan” every time.

Hosted by Bill Castanier and Jeff Smith

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