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MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon and MSU Athletics Director Mark Hollis talk with MSU associate professor of geography Jeff Andresen, who is also the state climatologist for Michigan, and recently-retired WXYZ-TV meteorologist Jerry Hodak, who has been synonymous with weather in Detroit for 45 years.

The topic is climate change.

“Michigan and the Great Lakes region have become warmer and wetter over the past several decades,” Andresen says. “Most of the warming is taking place in the winter and at night, and the long term trends suggest that we’ll continue to get warmer and wetter for the next several decades.”

Andresen and Hodak talk about the difference between climate and weather, and Jerry talks about how TV weather forecasting changed over his 45 years in the business. Jerry also gives his advice to young people who want to be the next Jerry Hodak – “Study math and science, and make sure it’s weather you want to get into, not just that you want to be on TV.”

The two also describe climate change’s impact on agriculture and the future of the world’s food supply and discuss its impact on the Great Lakes.

Hosted by Lou Anna K. Simon and Mark Hollis.

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