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Detroit and Michigan State University are working together to develop a broad program of food system innovation to promote local economic development, land recovery, and food security.

It’s called Metro Food Plus Innovation Cluster @ Detroit, and “it’s all about how we utilize our land and resources to create economic development and jobs,” says Detroit Mayor Dave Bing.

The ultimate goal is to transform Detroit and position the city as a world center for urban food systems technology and development.

Detroit will be connected to an international community of cities seeking innovative solutions to 21st-century food, water and energy challenges for urban populations.

Michigan State is the home of the network, The Global Innoversity.

“I’m pleased that MSU has chosen Detroit as a partner from an innovation standpoint,” says Bing. “MSU is trying to help us utilize the resources we have to feed Detroiters and Michiganders, and to export food around the globe.”

Mayor Bing wants to transform Detroit’s resources by including Detroit’s 80-some existing community-based farms into the mix.

“In the end, from an economic development standpoint, I’m hopeful this will be an industry that can create jobs, which is what we need in this city,” says Bing.

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