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Rick Foster tells me about a world that will be entirely different from the one we live in now, where 70 percent of the 9.3 billion people on the planet 50 years from now will be living in cities. They may well be talking about growing food in vertical structures and getting all their food from within a 300-mile radius.

“The most prominent issues that we have to face concern how to feed ourselves using less energy and water than we currently use,” says Foster, co-director of Metro Food Plus Innovation Cluster @ Detroit. “We can tackle many of Detroit’s issues in a way that we can help Detroit now but position it to be a global leader in these issues in the future.”

Foster says the world will have to double its current food production to feed 9.3 billion people and will have to do so using less water and energy.

“We have an opportunity to invent the food system production possibilities of the future and why not do it in Detroit and export the expertise globally?” asks Foster.

Foster hopes this Detroit/Michigan State University partnership leads, in about 10 years, to a self-sufficient Detroit that produces all the food necessary to meet its needs.

“How do we think strategically about Detroit and its assets in such a way that meets local needs but is also part of a global connection?” asks Foster. “We make progress locally, connect globally, and position Detroit as a global asset once again.”

Hosted by Russ White.

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