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Frankenmuth native and James Madison College alumnus Dan Redford is living and thriving in China. He works for First Pathway Partners.

“We’re an industry-leading EB5 immigration investment provider,” says Redford. “In exchange for their investment of $500,000 that creates 10 jobs in America, Chinese families can become Americans and obtain their green card.

Redford says many Americans share a common misconception about China.

“They think China can be summed up in one sentence, or one type of people or economy. In fact it’s a very diverse place with thousands of years of history.

“You’re not just confronting one country with a monolithic culture, but actually a country of 1.3 billion people with 1.3 billion different ways of seeing the world.”

Redford’s advice for Spartans who want to follow in his footsteps?

“Go global, because whether you’re opening a restaurant down the street or coming to China to do international business, it’s going to involve the world economy.

“Now that I live here in China I can’t think of a better place that could have prepared me for such a diverse environment than Michigan State.

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