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Henry Balanon is co-founder of Detroit Labs. “We make iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows mobile apps,” says Balanon. “We create mobile apps for brands like Chevy and Domino’s. We’re best known for our Chevy Game Time app, which was used by viewers during the Super Bowl to enhance their game watching experience.

“That day on both the iTunes and Android Marketplace we were in the top 10 free apps passing Facebook and Angry Birds for that day with 700,000 downloads.” Balanon says.

Balanon says he and his partners got into the app world at just the right time and that the future in the app world is all about mobile. “It’s the only screen that’s with us all the time so it isn’t going to go away. We’re trying to fill the demand.”

Henry says it took moving away from Michigan to appreciate it. Now he’s working to make Michigan cool and a state his daughter will want to remain in. “It’s all a ploy so my daughter can stay in Michigan when she graduates,” jokes Henry.

Balanon appreciates the Spartan Network that helps him every day. “What I’ve found out in the real world is that Spartans want to help other Spartans and that Spartans are always connected to each other.”

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