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Spartans Jim Cash and Jack Epps Jr. met at Michigan State University and became a commercially–and financially–successful writing team. The pair teamed up on such popular 80’s films as Top Gun, Legal Eagles, and The Secret of My Success.

“I was making movies at MSU and figured that I better learn how to write movies if I was going to produce them,” Epps Jr. says. “I lobbied Jim Cash to let me into his screenwriting class, and we stayed in touch and then eventually decided to work together, which we did long distance – with me in Los Angeles and Jim in East Lansing -for 25 years.”

Epps Jr says MSU students who want to pursue their creativity should “do it and be passionate about it. Don’t listen to the naysayers and believe in yourself.”

Be open to other opportunities, advises Epps Jr.

“I thought writing was my thing and then it became film making. You have to be brave, you have to be willing to take risks, and you have to be willing to give your all for your art,” says Epps Jr.

Epps Jr. says that’s what great about MSU is “it gives you the opportunity to explore. The biggest mistake a student can make is to stay locked and fixed in one area and not explore other things – even if they know what they want to do.

Michigan State University gives you the opportunity to see all the world in one remarkable campus.”

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