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Bruce Vanden Bergh is professor emeritus of advertising at Michigan State University.

He says this year’s Super Bowl commercials will feature a lot of automobile companies and that “sex still sells.” Vanden Bergh adds that Super Bowl ads now “have to have an online component, Twitter hashtags, a Facebook page, and, most importantly, content on You Tube.”

This year’s ads are reportedly fetching almost $4 million for a thirty second spot, but Vanden Bergh argues that the value and worth of that $4 million depends on how a company looks at it.

“Do you look at it as $4 million for 30 seconds, or as $4 million for 100 million viewers for 30 seconds,” he says.

Vanden Bergh says the Super Bowl has become the biggest social media event of the year and that “our smart phones are replacing the traditional water cooler as the vehicle for our conversations about the ads.”

Bruce says the future for the advertising industry is all about mobile in part because “in much of the world outside the U.S., the smart phone is the computer, too, for most people.

“So which screens end up dominating is a big question: will tablets get smaller or will smart phones get bigger?”

Vanden Bergh explains what time shifting is and says today’s advertising students who want to be successful in the field should be flexible enough to adapt quickly in this fast-paced world and that they should be “as cutting-edge with all the emerging technology as possible.”

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