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Spartan Dawgs Todd Duckett, Tim Bograkos, and Andre Hutson discuss how each of them went through the recruiting process. And they talk about how that process has changed to the point where “high school kids are announcing their choices on ESPN,” says Bograkos. Kids now put their own videos on You Tube, and the three say coaches are watching kids earlier, and kids are committing earlier.

Duckett was a high-level recruit, Hutson a mid-level recruit, and Bograkos a self-described “extremely low, not on the radar recruit.”

Duckett says he got his first recruiting letter in the eighth grade; it came from Wisconsin. Todd says he received 15 to 20 letters a day during the peak of his recruitment. Hutson was recruited first as a football player and says “the first letter I received was a hand-written note from then MSU assistant Mark Dantonio.”

Bograkos says MSU first recruited him for football and that he likely would have walked on to the Spartan football team had Nick Saban not left the program.

Todd, Tim and ‘Dre talk about how their careers were impacted by their parents and about what it’s like for a parent to have a Big Ten athlete in the family.

“My dad was at almost every game,” says Duckett. “It didn’t matter where the game was; he’d be there even if he got to see me for just 5 minutes after the game before he had to turn around and drive right back.”

Hutson says his mom, too, “made just about every game” and that proximity to home is a big factor for athletes choosing their college.

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