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Spartan Dawgs Tim Bograkos, Todd Duckett, and Andre Hutson talk about creating one’s legacy.

Hutson says that “goal-setting is such a powerful tool to be successful in life,” and Bograkos adds that “actually following through is the really powerful part.”

“Legacy is a lot about your family and your values,” Hutson says. “There’s a lot that goes into building your legacy, and I don’t think there’s one correct way to do it. You can also diminish your legacy if you don’t carry yourself the right way.”

Duckett adds that he believes the “first thing to do to create your legacy is to find your passion, and then it’s important to find humility.”

Hutson adds that “you have to be humble but also proud of yourself and confident enough to promote yourself.”

Bograkos advises college students and athletes to “be ready to take 100 percent responsibility for the decisions you’re making. A lot of people don’t, and they find ways to deflect the decisions they make, good or bad.”

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