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Michigan State University President Lou Anna K. Simon looks back at the 2012/2013 academic year and talks about what’s important for Spartans to remember about what has happened at MSU this year.

The budget and funding situation has stabilized some, says President Simon.

“We continue to have to scrap for every dollar internally so that we can repurpose it toward the basic functions of the university in terms of teaching, research and service.”

Simon held a webcast conversation April 18 featuring an update on MSU’s Energy Transition Plan.

“We’ve made a very aggressive commitment to reduce our carbon footprint,” says Simon. “The challenge is to do so in a cost-effective way at time when we’re trying to hold tuition down.

“It’s the essence of Michigan State University that we’re prepared to take on the tough challenges and not do so by simply providing advice to others, but by trying to figure out whether we can do it ourselves.”

She talks about MSU’s presence in Detroit and its work to impact all of Michigan‘s future. Simon talks about developments in the Big Ten and about issues she’s confronting in her role as Chair of the NCAA Executive Committee.

And Simon provides an update on the status of MSU’s Facility for Rare Isotope Beams.

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