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Spartan Dawgs Tim Bograkos, Todd “T.J.” Duckett, and Andre Hutson welcome Joe Eisenmann and Joe Carlson from Spartan Nutrition and Performance to the microphones. SNAPP has been providing sports nutrition for Spartan athletes since 2005.

“Everybody on our staff has a lot of passion for taking our knowledge in sports science, nutrition, and medicine and helping young athletes who aspire to play better,” says Eisenmann. “We focus on speed and general athletic enhancement.”

Carlson says a key goal is helping young athletes achieve their energy balance.

“Young athletes want to get ripped and get into better shape, but they shoot themselves in the foot by cutting back on calories instead of focusing on eating the right calories,” adds Carlson.

Other topics include overtraining, the psychological aspects of sports, and how to train like a Division 1 ahtlete.

The Dawgs and the Joes discuss the supplement world in depth. The bottom line: Carlson advises against supplements for young athletes.

“We’re providing an integrated, holistic approach to the care and the training of the young athlete,” says Eisenmann.

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