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“I oversee all the ways on our editorial side that we engage with our audience,” says MSU J-school alumnus and MLive Media Group statewide community engagement director Jen Eyer. “That includes the comments sections and how we use our social media and interact with our community face-to-face.”

MLive Media Group has two goals, says Eyer – to increase audience and increase engagement.

“What we mean by engagement is capturing and keeping our readers’ attention and motivating them to participate with us in some way on an ongoing basis.”

While many media outlets shy away from engaging with readers, MLive encourages reporters to engage with their readers.

Eyer says the business challenges for journalism concern her as the fast paced media world we live in races ahead. But she thinks the journalism taking place today is some of the best ever and that journalism is even more important as printed newspapers continue to struggle.

“What we need to do really on a reporter by reporter basis is make sure every reporter in our company understands very well who their audience is and how they’re going to reach them,” says Eyer.

Eyer suggests that today’s j-school students continue to focus on job one as they prepare to enter this fast-paced, ever-changing media world in which we all live – that is mastering the fundamentals of being a good reporter.

“Then they should have an understanding of the tools we have at our disposal through social media, email and other channels to reach our audiences.”

Eyer is a MSU J-school alumna.

“At MSU I found an amazing journalism program led by instructors with such a deep knowledge of the fundamentals,” says Eyer.

Eyer says MLive Media Group supports anonymous comments on its site.

“We believe people have good reasons in the digital age to remain anonymous, and we respect that.”

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