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“We treasure our partnership, and we’re proud to be associated with Michigan State University,” WJR Operations Manager Kevin Metheny tells Michigan State University President Lou Anna K. Simon and Spartans Athletic Director Mark Hollis on MSU Today. “I’m relatively new to Michigan, and I’m just beginning to appreciate the position that MSU occupies in Michigan life and all its tentacles of influence.”

Metheny jokes that Howard Stern was likely just looking for two disgusting words to put together to call him when the famous shock jock nicknamed Kevin “Pig Virus.”

“I think the swine flu was in the news at the time,” he says.

Metheny says broadcasting is in a huge transition, even though there are two billion radio receivers out there “and we have to regard ourselves as content providers and then do what we do best where these things are done.”

Some things are best distributed over the air via 760 AM while others might be better offered on-demand and digitally, he adds. Content for mobile devices will increase, too, as demand for it continues to rise.

“We’re all trying to figure out how to monetize our assets and how we will use our current core competencies to be successful in this space,” he says.

The conversation touches on our collective decreasing attention span and how that impacts how radio programmers go about getting our attention. And Metheny believes terrestrial radio is still a good business.

He advises today’s young people to develop multiple skill sets and be content creators. They shouldn’t limit themselves to only one or two distribution outlets – like just radio or just TV.

Metheny takes the Great Voice of the Great Lakes mission seriously.

“Our role is to celebrate Michigan life,” says Metheny. “And we’re all in on the reclamation of Detroit and refuse to regard failure as an option.”

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