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WILX-TV anchorman and MSU alumnus Jason Colthorp joins Spartan Dawgs Tim Bograkos, Andre Hutson, and Todd “T.J.” Duckett for a conversation on where news and media is today and where it’s headed.

“The social media have changed a lot of how we present the news now,” Colthorp says. “Now you break news immediately on Twitter, Facebook, or online somewhere. “So our newscasts are more of follow-up to stories we assume most of our viewers have already seen earlier in the day via their smart phones than they are breaking news items.”

For the most part though, says Jason, the number of people watching the newscasts has remained steady despite the flourishing social media.

Jason regales the dawgs on what is was like working live with Kelly Ripa, being the butt of a Jay Leno joke and a viral video, and about “grabbing air” when he went against fellow high school football teammate and eventual Nebraska quarterback Tommie Frazier in practice.

“Don’t be afraid to take chances, especially when you’re young” is Colthorp’s final piece of advice. “And when you dream, dream big. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. When you make them, make them at 100 miles per hour.”

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