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Michigan State University President Lou Anna K. Simon and Spartans Athletic Director Mark Hollis talk with Dr. Jeff Kovan about changes to the newly renamed Sports Medicine and Performance department.

“Sports medicine or taking care of athletes is a lot more than just fixing a broken bone or doing surgery on a shoulder,” says Kovan. “We fix the parts when they’re broken, but at the end of the day it’s really about the athlete as a whole – personally, spiritually, and physically – that makes them who they are.

“The athlete is best served when we take care of the entire athlete.”

The division will now include athletic training and strength & conditioning, in addition to sports nutrition, sport psychology and counseling.

Kovan clears up the misconception that MSU athletes are his main focus.

“We’re part of the university, but our practice caters to just about everyone except the MSU athletes,” Kovan says. “Our motto when you call our office is if you’re active you’re in. We’re here for the community.”

Simon, Hollis and Kovan also discuss concussions and head injuries, too-early specialization of young athletes, and hiding injuries to stay in the line-up.

photo: Simon, Kovan, MSU journalism professor Sue Carter, Hollis

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