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“Does the sports culture decrease your ability to show your emotion?” asks Tim Bograkos. “Yes, to some extent, but we need to show them anyway,” says Todd Duckett. “We experience the highest of highs when we win and the lowest of lows when we lose, and it’s hard to keep those emotions in.”

“I think fans like to see athletes express their emotions; it enhances their experience of enjoying the game,” adds Andre Hutson.

Andre Hutson, Tim Bograkos, and Andre Hutson are the hosts of Spartan Dawgs Podcast. These former Spartan athletes talk openly and frankly about the lessons they’ve learned as Spartan athletes and about how they’re carrying those lessons into their business and personal lives.

“Sports is all about emotion,” adds Duckett. “And if you get hurt to the core because you lost, maybe it will motivate you to practice harder. But if you’re not allowed to feel and show that emotion, then you’re losing a lot of that motivation.”

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