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“The interest in concussions has risen dramatically over the last few years. It’s a well-known disease to neurologists and primary care physicians, but there’s been an avalanche of information and hearsay that’s developed over the last few years,” Michigan State University neurologist David Kaufman, D.O. tells MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon and Spartans Athletic Director Mark Hollis.

“The key is to inoculate the discussion with rigor and scientific fact. The role of major research-intensive universities such as our own is to bring scientific reality into this debate,” says Kaufman.

Kaufman is a leader in not only treating concussions and head injuries, but in studying and researching concussions in sports.

“Once a concussion diagnosis has been made, it’s important to recognize that the athlete has to be put at rest until the symptoms dissipate and they can exercise without danger,” adds Kaufman.

“This is a problem that almost always goes away after two to seven days,” Kaufman emphasizes. “90 percent of people do very well; the remaining 10 percent may have some residual symptoms that last more than a week. It’s an exceptional person who has a longstanding issue with post-concussion syndrome.”

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