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Can college athletes benefit financially in some way from jersey sales and likeness usage in video games? Spartan Dawgs Andre Hutson, Todd Duckett, and Tim Bograkos continue their discussion prompted by the proposed settlement in the EA Sports lawsuit brought by Sam Keller and Ed O’Bannon.

O’Bannon v. NCAA is an antitrust class action lawsuit filed against the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The lawsuit, which former UCLA basketball star Ed O’Bannon filed on behalf of the NCAA’s Division I football and men’s basketball players, challenges the organization’s use of the images of its former student athletes for commercial purposes. The suit argues that upon graduation, a former student athlete should become entitled to financial compensation for NCAA’s commercial uses of his or her image. At stake are billions of dollars in television revenues and licensing fees.

“Maybe that money could be directed back to a stipend program for student-athletes,” suggests Bograkos.

The Dawgs kick around several revenue-generating ideas for college athletes and talk more about how they feel that athletes should be compensated in some way when their personal brands are exploited for profit by others.

The Spartan Dawgs are former Spartan athletes who talk about lessons learned as MSU athletes and about how they’re carrying those lessons into their post-athletics business and professional lives.

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