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By Hannah Watts

“There was a magical aura. We were all on ‘cloud nine’, so happy for the team, for the university and for the program,” Todd Duckett says.

The Spartans haven’t seen the likes of the Rose Bowl since 1988, and Spartans scattered around the globe united at the event.

Michigan State has alumni all over the world,” Duckett says. “These just weren’t people from East Lansing that flew out there. These were people from different countries, different continents, who were waiting for this moment.”

The experience at the Rose Bowl exceeded expectations. “Los Angeles was overtaken by green and white,” Duckett says. “Not just at the game, but also in the city. I saw a guy with a 10 to 15 foot Spartan flag walking down the streets of L.A. Just walking.”

“The team and all of Spartan Nation was together from day one,” Andre Hutson says.

“They knew that their goal was to win the Rose Bowl and nothing was going to stop them or distract them. If a player fell off, they were going to be there to pick him up and stick with him.”

There’s a bright future for the Spartan football program. “This trip, this season, that one move by Kyler Elsworth who stepped in for Max Bullough, was a testament to where this program is and where it is heading,” Hutson says.

According to Hutson, Ellsworth serves as a prime example of the strengths of the program. “Regardless if you’re a starter or not, you’re going to get the same coaching and the opportunity will be there on a national stage.”

“There was a team on the field and a team in the stands,” Tim Bograkos says. “Everybody was out there with a childlike amazement”.

Spartan Dawgs Todd Duckett, Andre Hutson and Tim Bograkos are former Spartan athletes who talk about lessons learned as MSU athletes and how they’re carrying those lessons into their personal and professional lives.

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