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Building Winning Teams is an executive development program designed to help managers rise to the managerial challenges and opportunities they’ll likely confront in their careers by building sustainable skills in the area of leadership and team effectiveness.

It’s a collaboration between the management faculty in the Broad College of Business and the coaching staff of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics at Michigan State University. It’s June third through the fifth at MSU’s Henry Center for Executive Development.

“The professors bring a real-world sense of things, and we get to interact with the MSU coaches in a casual setting and see how they incorporate leadership and teamwork on their teams,” says Tim Bograkos, who attended the inaugural program last year.

“One of the things we sell to recruits is the uniqueness of Team MSU and the connection on campus,” says MSU women’s basketball coach Suzy Merchant. “Work ethic, character, and passion are the three pillars on which I’ve built my program, and I think they transfer well to the business world.”

“I hope to leave them with new ideas and different ways to think about building their successful teams,” says MSU women’s golf coach Stacy Slobodnik-Stoll. “I hope they leave with new and unique, exciting ideas that they can bring back to their companies to kick start some great ideas.”

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