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“Pursuing a degree in higher education is about the whole person,” Phil Gardner tells Michigan State University President Lou Anna K. Simon and Spartans Athletic Director Mark Hollis. “MSU’s mission statement is not to get people employed; it’s to put students in a position to achieve their lifelong aspirations.”

Gardner leads the Collegiate Employment Research Institute and Career Services at MSU.

Gardner says more employers are seeking what are known as T-shaped professionals.

“It’s about gaining mastery of a discipline but understanding the context for a problem where your skills can be used,” he says. “You have to be in touch with your values and how you relate to others.”

Gardner’s advice for parents is to give their students “a license to get engaged in multiple ways to reaffirm or find what they really want to do. And then make sure they’re working toward those goals from day one and not waiting until the end of their academic careers.”

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