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Spartan Volleyball‘s two-time defending Big Ten volleyball Defensive Player of the Year Kori Moster and her charismatic coach Cathy George talk with Michigan State University President Lou Anna K. Simon and MSU Vice President and Secretary of the Board of Trustees Bill Beekman.

Moster is recently back from a 10-day trip to China as part of USA Volleyball, the collegiate national team.

“The experience was better than anything I was expecting,” Moster says. “I needed that that China/international experience of how the game changes on the international stage.”

Defense in volleyball, say Moster and George, is “the heart of the game.” The 5′ 4″ Moster says “you don’t have to be the tallest kid in the world, you have to have the heart and the will to work for something.”

The wide-ranging conversation also touches on President Simon’s view of the “value of sport” and how athletic participation is really a four-year internship for student-athletes. While Big Ten athletes are busy and often don’t have the time to devote to traditional internships or study abroad experiences, employers do like the skills the student-athletes are honing while competing.

“Employers like that the student-athletes are learning time management, punctuality, cooperation and being decisive,” George says. “The student-athletes’ resumes are filled with the qualities many employers are seeking.”

Coach George says the popularity of volleyball across the country is growing, and President Simon adds that isn’t the case with a lot sports right now.

Recruiting is her answer when Coach George is asked by President Simon how coaching has changed in her time in the coaching profession. Volleyball players often commit to colleges as sophomores. Both George and Moster would like to see that decision come later.

“Choosing a college is a lot for a freshman in high school to have to figure out,” says Moster. “Three or four months ago they may have just chosen their high school, and now they have to already try to figure out which college will be the best choice for them three or four years from now.”

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