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“Years ago the state used to pay about 70 percent of the tuition, and now it’s down to about 17 percent,” Empower Extraordinary campaign co-chair Bob Skandalaris tells Steve Courtney on the October 25, WJR MSU Auto Owner’s Insurance Tailgate Show. “There’s a large gap that has to be covered by people outside the university.

The Michigan State University Board of Trustees on October 24 approved a $1.5 billion capital campaign intended to build on MSU’s traditions while empowering critical initiatives for the 21st century.

“I think it’s important for all of us to understand that we’ve had opportunities because of what was provided to us at Michigan State,” adds MSU Athletic Director Mark Hollis. “It takes a community to really embrace a university and do all that can be done in order to give future students the same level of opportunities to pursue the same dreams and have the results that so many other Spartans have had.”

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