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MSU Alumni Association director of marketing and membership Maria Giggy talks with MSUAA executive director Scott Westerman about how the association is changing some of the ways it engages with alumni and what defines the alumni relationship with the association.

Westerman says that for many years alumni associations have considered membership to be the definition of the relationship that alumni have with the institution and the association.

“But over time we’ve come to realize the actual term ‘membership’ and the dues that are associated with it have really become an impediment,” says Westerman. “So we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what the definition of association is going forward.

“We’re going to try to deemphasize the term membership and focus more on relationship or association or those things that just naturally happen within the Spartan nation.”

Westerman says MSUAA exists so that Spartans can help Spartans, “and one of the things we’ve discovered is that dues have no place in that equation.”

He says there’s still a financial component to “making the Spartan experience possible for the next generation,” and it involves making at least a $100 annual contribution to whatever part of MSU inspires their passion.

The transition is underway now and officially goes into effect on July 1, 2016. Memberships will remain intact until then.

More information and details are available on the MSUAA website.

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