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Spartans Baseball Coach Jake Boss says it’s a dream come true for him to be the head baseball coach at MSU.

One of the challenges facing college baseball is partly a north vs. south issue, he tells Bill Beekman and Mark Hollis on MSU Today. Boss would like to see the season start later in the spring when the northern weather is better. Better weather is better for fans, too. And the student-athletes wouldn’t miss as much class time as they have to now to play games in the warmer southern weather early in the season.

“There’s no question the collective bargaining agreement with Major League Baseball really helped our game a lot,” adds Boss. “There’s more of an emphasis and a value on the education they receive, and if they’re drafted in the first ten rounds after their senior year, there’s still going to be good money there for them.

“Every one of our guys that’s gone out and played pro ball has come back and finished – or is in the process of finishing – their degree. We get our student-athletes ready for that day when they don’t compete anymore.”

“In the end, our job is to transition young men and women from childhood to adulthood and give them every opportunity we can; hopefully they seize them,” adds Hollis.

Boss feels that college baseball is healthy and “in a pretty good place right now” and talks about the differences between the bats and balls used in pro and college baseball.

He also talks about the special relationship he enjoyed with his father, and about his friend Kirk Gibson’s Parkinson’s diagnosis.

“I feel sorry for Parkinson’s because they picked the wrong guy,” says Boss.

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