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“I’m a national motivational speaker for the Michigan Department of Civil Rights,” Anthony Ianni tells Bill Beekman and Mark Hollis on MSU Today.

“Live your dreams and accomplish every goal you set in your life no matter what the challenge or obstacle is,” is the main message Ianni hopes young people take away from his talks. “You’re going to have people who doubt you, but you’ll always have at least one person in your corner throughout life.”

Ianni says he was inspired to get into public speaking by Michigan’s Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley. “If it wasn’t for Brian Calley, I’m not where I’m at.”

After his first public speaking gig, Ianni told his wife on the way home that “this is where I belong. I think this is my calling. The more I talk to kids, the more I learn what kids are going through. Sometimes they tell me things they won’t even tell their parents or teachers.”

Ianni says technology is the biggest issue facing kids today and is where most of the bullying takes place. He doesn’t call people who abuse technology cyber-bullies, he calls them “cowards with no guts.”

He says the bullies “need to get off social media” and that technology allows us all to “judge people before we even meet them.”

Ianni talks about the impact his father has on his life and tells how Tom Izzo “saved his life.”

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