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“Fundamentally, the report underscores that talent is the key to the future,” Michigan State University President Lou Anna K. Simon tells Russ White on MSU Today in referring to the latest URC report titled Attracting, Fostering, and Inspiring Talent for the Global Economy. “And that’s talent that’s competitive anywhere in the world.

President Simon says the report also highlights that 70 percent of the jobs in the future will require some form of secondary education and that we need to “address the future needs of the state, not simply the shortages of today.”

On MSU’s focus on preparing more T-shaped professionals for the future workforce she says she reminds people that “MSU was founded to create T-shaped people because we were designed to blend the theoretical and the practical to connect the learning of the community with the learning that happens beyond the borders of the campus. T-shaped people are really the modern day manifestation of the land-grant mission.”

President Simon offers updates on MSU’s Energy Transition Plan, the MSU Alumni Association’s transition from dues-to-donations, and MSU’s Empower Extraordinary capital campaign.

She addresses the issue of sexual assaults on campus and MSU’s multi-faceted commitment to “continue to change and model best practices because every Spartan is important and their experiences are important to us.

“Whatever label you put on these extraordinarily traumatic encounters, one is too many. How do we create a community where every one of our members worries about someone else and is able to help them?

“The core of being a Spartan is about your sense of community and responsibility for one another.”

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