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“There are few business schools in the country that have the scope, size and quality that we have across the board,” MSU Broad College of Business Dean Sanjay Gupta tells Michigan State University President Lou Anna K. Simon and Spartans Senior Associate Athletics Director Shelley Appelbaum.

Gupta says he really relates to the Team MSU concept as he leads the college into the future.

“So this notion of having the student experience front and center in our vision as we think about curriculum, hiring decisions and any kind of initiative that we lay out, that’s where I can provide the leadership in reminding everybody of our prime objective of thinking about the students first and foremost.”

Supply chain management, accounting and international business are some of the Broad College’s strengths according to Gupta.

He discusses the “war for talent” in business schools and his strategy for “creating a community and an environment in which they can realize their fullest potential” to deal with the intense competition for quality faculty members.

Big data and entrepreneurship are areas of interest and strengths of the college.

And focusing on these areas “fits in very nicely with the T-shaped idea” for students. Aptitude in big data and immersion in international business are essential skills for all students, regardless of the particular area of interest, says Gupta.

“It’s the entrepreneurial spirit and mindset that students really need to understand,” Gupta says. “We graduate students who are going to roll up their sleeves and go to work from day one. What employers really like about Spartans is their lack of a sense of entitlement. Spartans are good team members, but they also know when to lead.”

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