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Michigan State University has named a point person to continue developing a campuswide culture of entrepreneurship and innovation among its undergraduate students.

Neil Kane is the university’s first director of undergraduate entrepreneurship. An experienced entrepreneur, business executive and Forbes contributor, Kane will create a unified entrepreneurship strategy and introduce new programs, courses and initiatives focused on entrepreneurship and innovation.

Kane talks about his background and what attracted him to this new position at MSU.

“The trend seems to be to try to homogenize these programs and have them serve all students across campus, both because entrepreneurship is touching a lot of disciplines and everybody is interested in cross-disciplinary collaborations,” Kane says.

Kane believes all the ingredients are in place at MSU to make it a leader in entrepreneurial activity. And he says entrepreneurship skills serve everyone, not just those interested in starting a business. He says that the skills one hones trying to start a business “have an enormous amount of relevance regardless of one’s career choice.”

“Entrepreneurship doesn’t mean that I intend to go start a business,” adds Kane. “It really encapsulates a set of skills and an approach to problem solving and creating things that have a high relevance to any student regardless of their academic major or, ultimately, their professional aspirations.”

A new website,, is a one-stop source for all things entrepreneurial at MSU.

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