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Alan Haller is one of Mark Hollis‘ trusted and respected associate athletic directors. He recounts his student-athlete days under George Perles and Jim Bibbs at MSU and describes his NFL career. He says his NFL training camp experiences made his time at the police academy more bearable.

Haller visits with Michigan State University President Lou Anna K. Simon and Spartans Executive Associate Athletic Director Shelley Appelbaum on MSU Today.

Haller recounts how serving on the search committee that eventually led to the hiring of Mark Dantonio “was one of the top experiences I’ve had in my entire life. I learned a lot about the university because the values of the university had everything to do with who we chose.”

Then he describes how AD Hollis approached him about joining his team in Spartan Athletics.

“I see myself as a resource, another cog in the wheel to help young people develop.”

Haller talks about the modern-day mission and activities of MSU’s Varsity S Club, which he directs, and about the club’s focus on cultivating relationships with current junior and senior Spartan student-athletes.

The club will celebrate its 100th anniversary on September 18.

He advises today’s student athletes, including his own children, to hone the skill of “individual accountability and to reach out to help people. You don’t pass people by. You don’t get so focused on your mission that you don’t understand what’s going on around you.

“I think it’s really important that young people develop an identity of community, of how they fit in and how they service.”

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