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Michigan native and MSU alumnus Joshua Davis jumped at the chance to compete on NBC’s The Voice last season, even though he wasn’t familiar with the show.

“I had kind of a distaste for reality television in general, but we watched the show and I felt comfortable with my nine-year-old watching it. It’s a supportive show that focuses on positivity rather than knocking people down,” says Davis.

Davis decided to be true to himself and dove into the opportunity. He finished third.

“I did the best that I could, and I did what I do and have been doing for 15 years,” he says. “It really paid off and it’s given me a lot of national recognition. I’m trying to use the momentum in the right way with integrity like I always have.”

Davis’s advice for young people who want to break into the hyper-competitive music industry is all about hard work.

“It’s about loving what you do but working as hard as you can at it. If you really love something and you work super hard at it day after day, you can be successful at it.”

Davis says learned about the importance of hard work during his time at MSU.

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