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“I would start with one thing and that’s the pitching,” Detroit Tigers radio play-by-plan man extraordinaire Dan Dickerson tells Russ White on MSU Today as he assesses the 2015 season for the Bengals. “When you give up the most runs and your starting and relief pitching is right at the very bottom of the American League, you’re not going to win many games unless you have a dynamite offense.”

Injuries to Justin Verlander, Miguel Cabrera and Victor Martinez didn’t help either, adds Dickerson.

As Dickerson looks ahead to 2016, he says the cupboard is hardly bare as the Tigers seek to rebound and challenge for the American League pennant. Good health for the team’s stars would help. It’s not time for a wholesale rebuild. And there’s a good young core to go with stars Cabrera and Martinez.

“No question they have to go out and get pitching, and this is where it gets fascinating to me because starting pitching is very expensive to get on the open market.”

Partly based on an exciting 2015 MLB postseason, Dickerson says the state of the game is healthy.

“They addressed some things this year that were important like pace of play,” he says. “I think maybe limiting relief changes is a good idea and actually adds a real strategic element to the game.”

Despite advances in technology and a plethora of options beyond traditional terrestrial radio, Dickerson says how he goes about calling Tigers games for us hasn’t really changed. He uses Twitter some and finds it useful after wins.

“I’m always remembering that my job is to paint the picture and make sure that, whatever happened on a play, the person listening has a clear understanding of what just happened.”

White and Dickerson talked at the MSU J-Schools2015 Spartan Sports Journalism Classic. Dickerson’s advice for young people who want to get into today’s growing and changing world of communications involves “getting your foot in the door” and then letting your employer know what your passions are and what you want to do.

“Networking is important, too. But when you get a break, be ready for it. And let your passion show!”

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