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by Lauren Leffel

MSU alumnus Marc Schupan is CEO of Schupan & Sons, Inc. Many know the company through its green recycling bins that are prevalent at sporting venues across the MSU campus. His company maintains a strong relationship with Michigan State University.

“A lot of what we do around the state to promote recycling is because it’s the right thing to do, even if the economics aren’t always there,” Schupan says. “We don’t inherit the Earth, we borrow it from our children,” he says, recalling a favorite quote.

The roots of Schupan & Sons are in industrial recycling, its specialty being aluminum, handling almost 700 plants across Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. The company also sells plastic and aluminum and creates basic parts for medical, automotive, and office suppliers. In recent years, they have adopted an electronic recycling operation that is growing tremendously.

Schupan & Sons is working amidst the challenges of an ever-expanding global market. The company recognizes that one of the best ways to thrive is to attract good employees and give them the opportunity to feel ownership of their work.

“There is a difference between success and significance,” Schupan says. “Many people judge success by your home, car, or paycheck, but significance is whether or not you make a difference in the lives of others.”

Schupan and his wife are highly involved in supporting Kalamazoo’s Big Brothers Big Sisters, among other programs, to make their community a better place. His advice to young people is simple:

“Give as much as you take. You might have to pay your dues, but follow your interests and dreams, and find companies that care about their people.

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