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“You can go down the list of really positive accomplishments for the faculty and staff of Michigan State,” Michigan State University President Lou Anna K. Simon tells Russ White on MSU Today. “Athletics provides the front porch and the window for people to have a chance to feel good about the neighborhood and then also look more closely at all the other things that we’re doing.”

President Simon says that MSU is a place of real opportunity across socio-economic classes.

“And I firmly believe that education is the key to that, as it has always been,” says Simon. “But not just in checking the box for a degree, but really taking full advantage of all the rough edges of learning that has to occur at a great university.”

Moving forward, President Simon says MSU has to think carefully about issues involving the intersection of food, water and energy “and not take what’s around us in Michigan for granted.”

When it comes to these issues, President Simon says MSU has to “steward that research, but also leverage if for future generations.”

President Simon says we’re living in “scary times” and she hopes society can “find the wisdom to worry about the health and safety of others around the globe. We’ll keep our gyroscope centered on our values and on our commitment to the world.”

She says it’s a great time to be a Spartan.

“I hope that everyone who sees themselves as a part of Team MSU will take this moment to pause and reflect, not simply on what’s going to happen in Dallas or maybe in Arizona, but on something else too that’s really valuable to them and their families and learn more about that and what Michigan State is doing in that area.”

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