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January 7th, 2016

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On this edition of MSU Today on News/Talk 760 WJR, Michigan State University President Lou Anna K. Simon and Russ White talk with MSU’s Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer Joanna Young. And they talk with College of Engineering Dean Leo Kempel.

Young tells Simon and White that MSU gets millions of attempts to attack its systems every single month, and they come from multiple sources. And the attacks come through many channels.

“We have to have a really deep understanding of the work that goes on at Michigan State so that we can put together the right solutions for research, work with students in the classrooms and all of our administrative functions. We have to be really cognizant of how all that works.”

Young says “network is the new power” or the new utility. “Power is a utility; water is a utility. Network is a new utility. I cannot think of any aspect of modern life that does not in some way rely on technology.

“There’s this new buzz phrase called the Internet of things, which refers to anything and everything connected to the Internet. There are currently about 5 billion things connected to the Internet. In the next four to five years, that is predicted to be 25 billion things.”

“We’ve had significant growth over the last four or five years,” Kempel tells Simon and White. “We’re roughly 50 percent larger than we were in 2008.

“We also have a much more diverse group of students. We’ve gone over 1,000 women students in our college; we’re very proud of that. Our aspiration is that one out of every four of our students is women, and we’re well on our way to doing that.

“We also have a great diversity of courses that students are taking now from computer science to mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, environmental engineering – it really spans the gamut of technological innovations that are going to be the hallmark of the rest of the 21st century.”

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