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yongzhao2.jpgFrom MSU Today on Impact Radio: As the 2008 Beijing Olympics draw near, MSU professor Yong Zhao has created the world’s first comprehensive online video game that teaches Chinese culture and language.

The interactive game is called Zon/New Chengo. Creator Yong Zhao, University Distinguished Professor of educational psychology and educational technology, says the game is both educational and engaging.

“There is a general increase and demand for more opportunities to learn about Chinese culture and language,” said Zhao, a Chinese native. “This game offers a vicarious, virtual experience of China.”

As executive director of MSU’s Confucius Institute, which is based in the College of Education, Zhao and his staff work to meet the ever-increasing demand for Chinese education in the United States.

Hosted by Russ White.

Hear the Conversation 14:35 – 8.4 mb mp3

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