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The Perfect 10 was a situation Michigan State had prepared for and executed perfectly at the end of a perfect opportunity to beat Jim Harbaugh in year one and to flex its muscle in the series that matters most,” says Jack Ebling, co-author of “The Perfect :10” with fellow Spartan alumnus and journalist Joe Rexrode.

“It’s centered around the play and the people in the play,” adds Rexrode. “But the book is also about the history of Michigan State, the Mark Dantonio era, and last season as a whole.”

“I think readers are going to get a greater understanding of Michigan State tradition, why the series with Michigan matters so much, and why the hostility is there where it is. This is not the first time Michigan State has had dominance in this series. But under Mark Dantonio, I think the program has exceeded all expectations,” says Ebling. “I hope they’ll understand a little bit more about Michigan State – what football means here, what it has meant over the years, and why it has had this resurrection.”

“And I think through various stories of various people through this book, you see how that translates into this kind of success,” adds Rexrode.

Rexrode believes he and Ebling do a good job of explaining why these current times are the golden age for Spartan Athletics.

Ebling and Rexrode also share their views on the sustainability of college football and the future of their beloved craft of journalism.

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