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Max Troyer is the president of Sechler’s Pickles. He graduated from Michigan State University with an undergraduate degree in horticulture. “I grew up on a vegetable farm and saw Michigan State as a top five school in the country for horticulture. And it worked out to be an excellent place for me and propelled me into my future career path.”

Troyer spent his summers in college interning and Sechler’s was one of his choices for summertime employment. Little did he realize what this opportunity at Sechler’s would provide. “I drove a forklift, and did about every job out here in the factory and today, we own the facility and are operating it.”

Max is all about pickles. “I just love pickles. Pickles are my life. So when I get up in the morning, it’s like going for Dunkin Donuts—I’m off to make the pickles. And everybody knows me as ‘The Pickle Man.’”

Michigan State University helped a young Max grow and mature. “I went to Michigan State and I was out of state—I came from the state of Indiana. And I showed up on campus with 40,000 people I didn’t know. It was one of those deals where it showed you what the real world was going to be. “

Max and his wife Diane, a fellow MSU alumna, love their alma mater. As for Max’s ehmpression of MSU? “MSU to me is family. It evolves through our family. My wife graduated from Michigan State with a veterinary degree, our son has just started to attend Michigan State University. So it’s just a continuation of it whether we’re attending sporting events or getting together with fellow Spartans in our daily lives.”

Ehmpressions of MSU is a podcast devoted to all things Michigan State University produced by Kraig Ehm.

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