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Kurt Stepnitz is the senior photographer at Michigan State University, and his undergraduate degree is in Geology? “It was kind of a point where I was between interests in photography. I actually did start in photography and studied it in the Detroit area. But I lost interest in the business part of photography and decided I wanted to do something outdoors.”

Stepnitz’ inspiration for all things visual began in high school. “One of my best friends had a different camera. I had never seen one before—it was a 35mm camera and his photographs were visually just stunning, they were a completely different level than an Instamatic camera. I lobbied hard to get one for my next birthday and got my first real camera and kind of took off from there.”

According to Kurt, it seems everyone around us is a photographer. “We have these amazing tools in our phones. It’s about being where something is. It doesn’t matter what camera you have. You can take a wonderful photograph with the simplest box and lens.”

As for Kurt’s ehmpression of MSU—“It’s home. I’ve been here for 36 years—as a student, as an employee, as a very proud Spartan. It’s just a lovely place. It’s a very understated, hard-working group of people. They don’t like to make headlines. They just like to get working and make things better and help people.”

Ehmpressions of MSU is a podcast devoted to all things Michigan State University produced by Kraig Ehm.

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