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Nancy Creed is an office assistant in the Department of Agriculture, Food and Resource Economics at Michigan State University. Barb Lehman retired from ANR Communications in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. They are sisters and have been employed as Spartans for quite a number of years—Nancy 45 years and Barb 28 before retirement.

Nancy stepped right out of the high school classroom and started working on the banks of the Red Cedar. “The president was Clifton Wharton. I had just missed John Hannah,” relates Nancy. Barb was a stay-at-home mom who wanted to work where her sister and mother-in-law were employed. “So I called over to human resources and talked to a gentleman, and I called every day for six weeks—begging for a job. He finally said to me ‘Little lady, if everybody that wanted to work here called as much as you do, we’d never get anything done,’” said Miss Persistent.

Why did Barb stay all these years? “I liked the people, I like the audience that we dealt with and I enjoyed the job. I think MSU is a beautiful place to work, it’s a wonderful place to work.”

Sandwiched in between her 45 years on the MSU campus, Nancy had to deal with a struggling co-worker desperately seeking to gain her help and even had to dodge a wrecking ball.

As for Nancy’s ehmpression of MSU—“I think it’s the brand. Kudos to whoever has put that brand out there because it does nothing but continue to grow, from sports to academics to the people in general. You’re proud when you tell somebody ‘I work at Michigan State University.’”

As for Barb’s ehmpression of MSU—“It’s a pride. It’s your family. I think right now they have a president who really, really expresses that. You see her walking on campus and she looks you in the eye, she stops and talks to the students and she exemplifies what MSU is and I think we all feel that way.”

Ehmpressions of MSU is a podcast devoted to all things Michigan State University produced by Kraig Ehm.

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