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Spartan Football players Brian Allen and Chris Frey talk with Michigan State University President Lou Anna K. Simon and Spartans Athletic Director Mark Hollis on MSU Today.

They talk about balancing athletics and academics and how they transitioned into the life of a college football player. They tell Simon and Hollis that academics are very important to them. While they have aspirations to play in the NFL, they realize that those odds are against them. So they need to be prepared for life after football.

And they describe some of the challenges trying to fit into their schedules some of the typical activities enjoyed by most college students, like internships. To be more well-rounded, they try to interact with students outside of athletics, too.

Hollis talks about how much he values the dialog he tries to cultivate with student-athletes in regular meetings and conversations.

Allen and Frey say last season’s struggles are motivating the team to have a better 2017. As leaders on the team, they want to bring everyone together to pursue the same goals and be one solid, complete team.

Allen describes the intricacies of offensive line play, and Frey describes the mentality of a linebacker “where even your mom wouldn’t recognize you.”

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