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As a young man, Dr. Luke Reese worked at a lumber mill as a timber cutter and shares the toughest aspect in this line of work. “It was the summertime in North Carolina, so the toughest thing would be when you got into a swarm of insects and they would not leave you alone—like the horsefly.”

Currently, Luke is an associate professor in Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering. “It is a department that applies engineering principles to biological systems. 15 years ago, they changed the focus from ag engineering to biosystems, a little more broader focused, also inclusive of more biological science courses.”

Reese explains that a hands-on experience for Michigan State University students is crucial.

“They come on, they don’t have the on-farm practical knowledge that we would’ve had 20 years ago. Simulation games are a hard way to learn practical knowledge, where growing up on a dairy farm in North Carolina, my dad could repair most things with a pair of pliers, and some bailing twine, duct tape and those kinds of things.”

Study abroad has a special place in Luke’s heart. “It does. It goes back to when my daughter was in the third grade, and they had to do a report on a country. She did a report on Australia.” In 1998 Luke became a fill-in on the MSU Study Abroad program. Now 16 trips later, he still finds the passion to lead students to the land down under.

As for his ehmpression of MSU? “MSU to me means a lot of opportunities. It opens a lot of doors. Certainly having sports teams that are mostly competitive, but they’re fun to watch. It’s also a beautiful campus.”

Ehmpressions of MSU is a podcast devoted to all things Michigan State University produced by Kraig Ehm.

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