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Ron Goldy is stationed at MSU’s Southwest Michigan Research and Extension Center and works with the vegetable industry. “In working with them, I will do field trials at the research station, variety trials, nutrition trials, new technology trials and new crop trials.” Another important aspect of his work involves extension education. “Putting meetings together, giving presentations and moving that information on to the grower community.”

What exactly is Ron’s favorite crop? “Peppers by far. When you do a pepper trial, just the aroma of peppers is fantastic. The flavor and the wide-variety of flavors and colors that are out there are just fantastic.”

Goldy’s introduction to the outdoors came when he was only four years old. On vacation at Houghton Lake, Ron and other youngsters were going to look at a boat, when he had an up-close and personal encounter with a skunk. “As we’re going down to look at this boat, we see this skunk running through the woods. We all started chasing after the skunk. The older kid grabs the skunk and the skunk sprays and it goes right in my face.”

Why work with MSU Extension? “The reason I like Extension is you solve problems. You solve plant problems, you solve people problems, and I like the investigative part of it. And just investigating why things are the way they are, and how I can help and how I can solve problems. I just enjoy helping people and the grower community and being involved in the agriculture that way.”

Why is Michigan State University Extension so vital? “It’s vital to the state of Michigan and really to the broader nation as a whole because we do a lot of work here. I get around a lot to other states and see what a lot of other states are doing—they all have good programs in those states. But Michigan State University, to me, has some of the best people working for it—not only on campus, but also out in the field.”

Ron Goldy has been out in the field working and representing MSU for a number of years. As for his ehmpression of MSU? “I think what I like best about it is MSU is a family. Yes, it’s a university—a lot of people know it as a university. But once you’ve gone here, and especially once you’ve worked here, there’s camaraderie between employees in particular, that is just really tight. And that’s a nice feeling to know that you belong to something bigger than yourself.”

Ehmpressions of MSU is a podcast devoted to all things Michigan State University produced by Kraig Ehm.

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