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Andy Granskog, a 1986 graduate of the Ag Engineering program at Michigan State University, is the state engineer for USDA Rural Development in Michigan. He is also a Farm Lane Society member and Yooper. “I’m from a dairy farm. My father was a vocational agriculture teacher in Stevenson, Michigan and my brother was also. My father went to MSU in the 1940’s and had Dr. Anthony as a teacher. He didn’t go to the building…that was before Anthony Hall was built.”

Granskog stepped on to the MSU campus at an early age. “I was seven days old when I first came to MSU. When I graduated from high school in the early ‘80’s, I was the last of six kids to go to MSU.”

According to Andy, nuptials led to him becoming a member of the Farm Lane Society.

“All great things start with a wedding, don’t they” asked Granskog. While attending a wedding for a member of the ag engineering department at Michigan State, he was asked to join the club. “There were quite a few ag engineers at this wedding, including the department chair, Dr. Ajit Srivastava. Ajit calls me aside and says ‘Andy, I’ve got something for you that I need you to do. It’s an opportunity for service and I need you to serve on this board.’ And he appointed me to the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Alumni Association Board, and that’s how I started to serve.”

While on the board, Granskog kept busy. “I served on the board for six years. My time on the board was excellent. I worked on the scholarships committee—I really enjoyed the scholarships committee; I served on the golfing for scholarships, Autumnfest, and all of the fundraisers. It was really a good opportunity for service—I really enjoyed it.”

As the state engineer for USDA Rural Development, Granskog is kept busy. “We finance water and sewer systems all over the state of Michigan in rural areas. I work the entire state of Michigan. I’ve been a licensed professional engineer since 1994. I worked in consulting for about ten years before I went to the federal government.”

What does Andy Granskog love best about MSU? “That’s kind of a tough question to answer. I can never repay the debt that I owe to MSU for so many things. Certainly my family legacy and all of my family went to Michigan State University. I’m an ag guy—agriculture is kind of deep in my bones. My wife is an assistant director at the MSU library. It gave me my career. It gave me my most basic life-long friendships over many, many years. I have so many fond memories of MSU, and it’s been a good opportunity to serve.”

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