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“I’m really honored to be in this new position. I’m looking forward to being a part of the great community here at MSU and working with our outstanding students,” new Spartan Marching Band director David Thornton tells MSU Vice President and Secretary of the Board of Trustees Bill Beekman and Spartans Athletic Director Mark Hollis on MSU Today.

Thornton says developing the halftime shows for Spartan football games is a year-long process.

“We get feedback from students at the end of each season with their ideas, and we brainstorm throughout the winter on show themes. It’s 7 to 8 shows each fall; so there’s a lot of planning involved. And the music drives the visuals.

“It’s a big process. It’s definitely an artistic process. It takes time. And sometimes we have five days to get a show on the field. But generally our preparation is about two weeks in advance.”

Thornton highlights members of his staff and the roles they play in making everything come together.

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