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The first Spartan Podcast was posted on February 1st, 2005 after five of us got together at Beggar’s Banquet one night and made the ultimate “people we’d like to invite to dinner” list. As the evening wore on, we began to think about how we might actually get some of these folks to answer our phone calls. Someone, we’re not sure who, used their best Mickey Rooney voice and said, “Let’s do a show!”

And the Spartan Podcast was born.

Our original Four Musketeers were MSU CAS grads.

Bill Castanier  has worked for more than 30 years in journalism, advertising and economic development, most recently with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. His curent passion is the written word..


Gary Reid is a distinguished professor of telecommnications at MSU. He directs the Careers and Internships office for the TC department and is the General Manager of WDBM “IMPACT 89FM”, directing a staff of approximately 150 students to maintain a 24/7/365 operating schedule.


Jeff Smith is Vice President and Director of Sales for Katz Eagle Television’s Detroit office. As a broadcaster and sales executive his career has spaned station operations and advertising sales in both radio and television.


Scott Westerman’s 30 year telecommunications career has touched every corner of the industry, from broadcasting, to cable television, to the Internet. His top rated Keener 13 Podcast celebrates Michigan music, media and popular culture.


Over the years, some of us found other priorities and the show fell under the able guidance of MSU’s Russ White.

Russ White is a communicator at the Michigan State University Alumni Association. He’s also an executive producer at MSU’s Office of University Relations . He proactively works to gain positive attention for MSU in the local, state and national media.


We’ve been lucky enough to talk to the famous, near famous and not so famous. All of whom have had fascinating stories to tell. Most of whom share that six degrees of Spartan separation that links us all.

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