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  Hear the Conversation 9:14 – 5.3 mb mp3 “Recently Consumers Energy installed a smart meter on my home, and I’ve been learning firsthand about how it gives me more information about – and greater control of – my home energy use,” Kirk Heinze says on Greening of the Great Lakes as he welcomes the […]

  Hear the conversation 9:16 – 5.3 mb mp3 Adam Ingrao is a doctoral student in the Department of Entomology at Michigan State University, an Army veteran, and also a national leader in connecting veterans like himself to careers in agriculture. Ingrao tells Kirk Heinze on Greening of the Great Lakes about his passion for […]

  Hear the conversation 13:43 min – 7.9 mb mp3 “In December, Gov. Snyder signed some very important energy legislation that not only represented a paradigm in what compromise can accomplish, but seems to have been very well received by virtually all parties involved, from the utilities to environmental groups,” says Greening of the Great […]

  Hear the conversation 18:45 min – 10.7 mb mp3 “Eastern Michigan University alumnus and USA Today business writer Nathan Bomey has been very, very busy of late covering the North American International Auto Show, implications for American business as we transition to a new regime in Washington, the on-going saga of the Volkswagen settlement—and […]

  Hear the Conversation 19:18 min – 11 mb mp3 “Governor Snyder is taking the long view and starting to put the building blocks in place for the conversation that we need to have around infrastructure, whether that be roads and bridges or water and sewer systems or our energy infrastructure,” says Dan Scripps. “It’s […]

  Hear the Conversation 14:46 min – 8.5 mb mp3 “After all this discussion of do we repeal things or do we go backwards, we took steps forward, and we think that’s very positive,” Michigan Environmental Council policy director James Clift tells Kirk Heinze on Greening of the Great Lakes when discussing Michigan’s new energy […]

  Hear the Conversation 14:45 min – 8.5 mb mp3 “The biggest trend that we’re going to see is SUV’s,” Detroit Free Press automotive critic Mark Phelan tells Kirk Heinze on Greening of the Great Lakes while previewing the 2017 North American International Auto Show. “The growth in that type of vehicle’s sales has been […]

  Hear the Conversation 9:10 – 5.3 mb mp3 A national leader in sustainable agriculture and food systems founded the Fair Food Network about 15 years ago. Among the network’s goals is to provide healthy, fresh food to underserved communities like Detroit. Dr. Oran Hesterman is the president and CEO of the Ann Arbor-based Fair […]

  Hear the Conversation 18:22 – 10.5 mb mp3 MSU AgBioResearch and MSU Extension “have been collaborating for over a century, and they continue to partner to help address some of the most complex food, energy and environmental issues of our time,” says Greening of the Great Lakes host Kirk Heinze as he welcomes AgBioResearch […]

  Hear the Conversation 27:35 – 15.7 mb mp3 “If I had to boil it down to a couple phrases that people might understand, I would say number one is zero emissions, which points to electrification of the vehicle. And two is the quantum increase in computing power and sophistication of electronics in the vehicles,” […]

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